Guest Book for Carol Joy *Chick* (Haskell) Cates

Provided by Alan Clark Funeral Services

Posted by: Mary Lou Reddick
Sun May 19, 2019
Chick was such a sweet, kind lady. She was one one that always knew you and gave fantastic hugs! 😊😊😊

Posted by: Jackie R. Sheldon
Sun May 19, 2019
I shall never forget the first-time I heard of Mama Chick shortly after moving to Beaver and was in the chair as Beth was styling my hair.  Little Hannah crawled into my lap asking if she could go home with me instead of going to Mama Chick's.  How flattering to me and how cute she was.  I dealt with the Cates family in a lot of phases of life through my years living in Beaver such as Caleb and Adam umpiring my grandchildren's teams, Beth my hairdresser, taxes at the court house, pig businesses with families, families of God at First Baptist church, Chick at Senior Center plus many more and loved every single one of you.  May God bless and keep each in this time of great void.  
Grieve-as-you must, not-as-others will tell you is right, wrong or indifferent.  Treasure each memory.


Read John 14:15 - 21
Jesus said, "I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. Before-long, the world will not see me anymore but you will see me. Because I live, you also will live. On that-day you will realize I am in my-Father, I am in you and you are in me. John 14:18 - 20 New-International version
Even-though I was an adult when my parents died, I felt a keen-sense
of what it was like to be an orphan. Gone were the two-people who had nurtured me and shaped my life. Sharp-grief gave way to bewilderment, "Who am I now; who knows me deeply yet loves me anyway? The gospel of John recounts Jesus telling His-disciples although the time is coming they would see Him no-more but He would always be a part of them just-as they would forever be a part of Him.
So it has been with my parents. I see now even-after their-deaths, their
example of loving-kindness continues to teach me and guide my-life going
deeper than just warm-memories. My parents are in me at a deep-level, deeper than the mind can comprehend and as-deep as the heart. Surely God was their-heart's teacher.
In the same-way I come to know God through the life and love of Jesus; nurturing that-relationship through prayer, study, giving and serving keeps me forever-connected to the living-God.

Gracious-God, let who we are reflect who You are in all we do. Amen

Because of God's great-love for us, we are never-orphaned.